Can parents help motivate unenthusiastic youth players?


Our lacrosse program has been going through a very tough time. The players are not motivated and not playing to their ability. Therefore, there is a lot of negativity coming from the coaches due to their frustration and the players' lack of enthusiasm. We would like to know how we as parents can help support the coaches as well as motivate our players. Please help!!!

The following is an excerpt from the book "Whose Game is It Anyway," authored by Richard Ginsburg (Ph.D.), Stephen Durant (Ed.D.) and Amy Naltzell (Ed.D.)

Some coaches are outstanding, while others are average. Many coaches, particular at the youth level, volunteer their time and are not trained in coaching. Some are just unable to motivate children. There is not much that parents can say to a coach who is limited in this way, but the situation does offer certain teaching opportunities. We can remind our children that it is up to them to make the most out of the season, and we can help them set their own goals for enjoying themselves and improving their skills. Ultimately, it is a player's responsibility to find joy in the game and play to his or her best ability. Placing too much responsibility on the coach sets an unhealthy precedent for kids' future achievement-related endeavors.




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